Some Gay Dads Just Don't Feel Gay Anymore

Move over “Kinky Boots,” there’s a new gay show in town. But unlike the sparkle, glam, and drag we’ve come to expect from most Broadway shows with a queer focus, Peter Parnell’s “DADA WOOF PAPA HOT,” directed by Scott Ellis, gives the theatrical treatment to a newer area of the LGBTQ experience: parenthood.

Better Half the Movie

The main tension in the movie centers on a question posed between would-be parents in bedrooms, fertility clinics, and couples therapy sessions all across the country, regardless of sexual orientation: what happens when one of you wants parenthood less?

Paths to Gay Fatherhood Series

On the occasion of Gays With Kids’ 500th post,  I explore some of the available research into the various routes GBT men take to fatherhood, and also take the opportunity to check back in with many of the GBT dads we’ve covered over the last year.