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The Sport of Dance

As two young me prepare to fight, a semicircle of onlookers quickly gathers around them. One is more imposingly built than the other, but this match won’t be won based on who can throw the strongest punch. Those observing, moreover, are not passive spectators: They drum, clap and sing, or pluck a single-string instrument called a berimbau. As the music reaches a fever pitch, the battle begins. One of the men explodes into a backflip, the other launches into several powerful turns of a cartwheel. This is capoerira. From Luxury Spring 2019

Glass Does Napa in the Off Season

EACH autumn, thousands of wine lovers flock to Napa, California, to take part in the region’s harvest season. Disciples of this pilgrimage, which takes place roughly between June and October each year, ascribe an almost spiritual quality to the experience—harvest devotees trek from one winery to the next for the opportunity to breathe in the intoxicating aroma of crushed fruit, and pay homage to the grapes to be used in the next year’s vintages. Read the article here.

Glass Gets Mothered by Le Mamme Del Borgo in Motta Camastra, Sicily

“TWIST more slowly,” Mariangela instructed me, through a translator, in her native Sicilian dialect. Mariangela was attempting to teach me her homespun macaroni-making method as part of a private cooking class arranged by the Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, a beachside resort in Taormina, Sicily. The process, which Mariangela made look effortless, involves forming fresh pasta around a thin wire before twisting the resulting noodle off, all without breaking the dough. I kept breaking the dough.

Glass Finds Serenity in Venice at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani

NO TRIP to Venice is complete without a walk across the majestic Rialto Bridge or a climb to the top of Campanile Bell Tower. But after a day or two of visiting Venice’s most recognizable sights alongside 60,000 of your closest friends—which is the average number of tourists who fan out across the tiny city on any given day in summer—even the hardiest of travellers will be ready for some Venetian experiences, minus the claustrophobia.