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Meet the CrossFitters Helping Make the Sport LGBTQ Inclusive

The most compelling evidence that the queer community has a secret plan to take over CrossFit is through the explosive growth of OUTWOD — a group founded by Will Lanier, a 33-year-old Austin, Texas-based coach, that hosts CrossFit workouts for the LGBTQ community. In 2009, just six people came to the group’s inaugural event in New York. This year, OUTWOD hosted 40 workouts in June alone, surpassed 15,000 followers on Instagram, and is on track to welcome over 5,000 queer athletes at workouts the world over from Belgium to Boise.  Read the article here.

The Sport of Dance

As two young me prepare to fight, a semicircle of onlookers quickly gathers around them. One is more imposingly built than the other, but this match won’t be won based on who can throw the strongest punch. Those observing, moreover, are not passive spectators: They drum, clap and sing, or pluck a single-string instrument called a berimbau. As the music reaches a fever pitch, the battle begins. One of the men explodes into a backflip, the other launches into several powerful turns of a cartwheel. This is capoerira. From Luxury Spring 2019